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No matter how many years pass, design and style never stop being fashionable. For this reason, for this week's collection we have made a selection of the products with the most vintage look in our catalogue: borders, colours, fonts and shapes that take us back in time but are as current as ever.

What has inspired this collection?

Stationery represents the analog movement, a movement that, no matter how much technology advances, does not replace our connection with paper, that unique experience of creating without having anything more than a pencil and a notebook in your hands. And that is what makes design evolve and every year we can find new trends in the use of fonts, colors and graphic resources.

But there are design pieces that, although they have a nostalgic and retro touch, are still valid today and their style continues to triumph like never before.

Design that overcomes the barriers of time is what inspires this collection.

Are you passionate about stationery brands with tradition and a vintage style? If so, keep reading.

Of this selection, brands such as: the Japanese Apica, Zenith and Coccoina from Italy, Dux and Kaweco from Germany and Tools to liveby from Taiwan stand out.


Apica | Vintage Notebook |

It is a Japanese brand that has its beginnings in 1916. The design of its notebooks has a very characteristic vintage style that gives them a lot of personality.

They are lightweight and thin notebooks, perfect for writing and taking notes on a daily basis. Apica's CD notebooks are characterized by their vintage design covers, excellent paper, cloth-covered spines and reliable thread binding.

The covers have a nice texture, are made from thick cardstock and Oji Paper's special acid-free (pH neutral) paper, ensuring that what you write on them will last a long time.

vintage stationery | Apica |
Vintage Stationery | Apica |


zenith | Vintage Stationery | Pastel Staplers |

The Italian brand Zenith has been in the market for more than 90 years creating the best quality staplers with a characteristic plier-type design. Its style is perfect for those who like design objects that also offer practical solutions for everyday life.

We could highlight its 585 staple remover / letter opener with a 23-carat gold finish or its hole punches with an industrial touch.

Items designed to shine and stand out on the most demanding desks.

Vintage Letter Opener and Staple Remover | zenith |
Zenith Vintage Hole Punch |


Vintage Stationery | Kitchen |

In 1927 the glues of the Italian brand Coccoina were born, already iconic and unmistakable for their pleasant and characteristic almond fragrance and for not having solvents.

Its most traditional format, the popular aluminum cans with a vintage design with an applicator brush, are the maximum exponent of well-understood retro design.

Easy to use and apply, it can be used to stick paper, photos, clothing or textiles, labels... they are perfect for your creative projects and their vintage design adds a decorative touch to your workspace.

Coccoina Glue | Vintage Stationery |
Coccoina Glue | Vintage Stationery |


Since 1908 Dux opens its doors in Germany as the first manufacturer of pencil sharpeners in the country.

Among his most popular creations are the bakelites with that marbled look and characteristic colors and the adjustable pencil sharpener created in the early 50s that has become a collector's item.

vintage stationery | Dux Pencil Sharpener |


The Kaweco brand has created excellent quality writing instruments since 1883, with elegant and timeless designs.

Its characteristic octagonal design allows comfortable and fluid writing.

Vintage Stationery | Kaweco Pens and Ballpoint Pens |

Tools to live by

vintage stationery

This Taiwanese brand has in its DNA the mission of recovering those designer stationery items from bygone times that have been discarded due to the change of generations and factories that have been closing over time.

Its versions collect the functionality and design of yesteryear with refined packaging that reflects this spirit.

Letter opener | vintage stationery | Tools to Liveby |
vintage stationery | vintage stamps | Tools to Liveby |
vintage stationery | vintage clips | Tools to Liveby |

Now that you know a little more about the history of these iconic brands, don't you feel like reconnecting with paper and your creativity? If so, take a look at our Retro Vibes collection.

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