Foglietto: When traveling to the past is the key to innovation

Foglietto: When traveling to the past is the key to innovation

It is clear that the world of work has undergone great changes in recent years. Teleworking , collaborative spaces, visual thinking, the agile working method... our way of working has undergone a revolution and everything in our current day-to-day demands greater flexibility and tools related to this type of process.

And it is precisely this that has inspired the creation of the Foglietto cards, which carry in their DNA the flexibility and essence of these practices of collaboration, adaptability and efficiency.


Foglietto was born in 2019, inspired by the first tokens and modular filing systems invented in the 18th century, its predecessor, the token, accompanied scientists, philosophers and writers in their work for more than two centuries.

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Emeline Pedemonte, founder of Foglietto , is based on this historical piece of stationery, reinventing the iconic token with the most current design techniques and based on new ways of working.

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In terms of organization, Foglietto is an excellent alternative to the linear and fixed format of the notebook. Since it promotes concepts present in agile work methods such as visual management, collaboration and iteration. At the same time, it stimulates a more intuitive, fluid and changing way of thinking.

How to use Foglietto tiles

The 100% modular format of Foglietto thus encourages creativity, agility, innovation and collaboration.

They are perfect for creative and strategic work as they will allow you greater flexibility and organization in your projects.

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Their possibilities of use are unlimited, you can include them in all your creative processes, for design projects, writing, cooking, preparing opposition topics, learning languages... in short, your creativity with Foglietto cards is totally free.

You can also file them, keep them always at hand and organized with the custom-made cardboard and wooden filing cabinets also available at Likely.

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Foglietto tokens are made in France, printed with vegetable-based inks on 260 gr thick Italian Fedrigoni card stock. 80% of the paper is recycled and 20% comes from sustainably managed forests, certified by the FSC seal. In addition, they are free of heavy metals, chlorine and acids, which makes them totally compostable.

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