Trendy colors.

This week's collection features two colors that have been setting trends in the world of fashion and interior design for a long time. Together they create a contrast that we love and are a sure bet to give a fresh touch to your desk.

What has inspired this collection?

It is clear that in the last year we have experienced things that have radically changed our lives. But at the same time, we have had to move on, creating, innovating and trying to navigate the situation as best as possible. As a result of this period, many of the trends that have arrived this spring-summer have been born during confinement. And in them that need for freedom is reflected, that longing to be back in open spaces full of lavender flowers or that nostalgia for previous summers in which we submerged in mint green waters...

This new reality that has transformed life, work, creativity or freedom, is reflected in a material way in the choice of concepts, colors or textures with which we choose to work. The objective is very clear, we seek to communicate peace, positivism, good energy and that desire to once again enjoy those simple and beautiful things that perhaps once went unnoticed by us.

The Mint and Lavender trend

Mint and Lavender Creative Stationery Collection

These two colors are a reflection of everything I have told you about above, so it is not surprising that right now they are a trend. The mint color and the lavender hue, like all the products that make up this collection, try to bring that freshness and feeling of freedom to your day to day.

Mint and Lavender Creative Stationery Collection

Agendas and planners that give you the peace of mind of having everything under control, fragrances such as lavender or ylang ylang incense matches that bring a garden aroma to your workspace. And plenty of essential tools so you can let your creativity run wild.

Hibi Incense Matches
Hibi Incense Matches

What do you think of this new collection? What do you think of this trend? If you liked it, take a look at our Mint and Lavender collection.

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